A subscription insert card, to be incorporated into a perfect-bound magazine. 

The following images are from SHOPETTE!, a magazine concept I developed as part of my studies and plan to realise fully in future. 
SHOPETTE! magazine was born during the pandemic, at a time when Big Box stores were thriving while small retailers suffered the effects of repeated closures. 
Buying local and consciously is not only more environmentally sustainable - it also encourages local creative populations, and allows for variety of expression on the individual level. 
SHOPETTE! plays the dual role of celebrating and empowering small retailers, as well as connecting artists and creatives with local businesses and potential customers. 
The cover photography was co-created with photographer Violetta Nadtochyy, a student in Centennial College's Photography Program. 
I provided art direction, set construction, and sourced the props from the very generous Rose City Goods, a store in my neighbourhood that I feel closely espouses the values SHOPETTE! stands for. 
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